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During our Mediumship Reading, I elevate my vibrations while spirit lowers theirs, creating a harmonious meeting point where I utilize my psychic senses, known as the "Clairs" to communicate.

This is Evidential Mediumship, the aim is to establish a connection with your loved ones in the spirit realm by providing specific details that allow you to unmistakably identify them and acknowledge their continued presence in your life. It is possible that messages may emerge during the reading, and if they do, they will be conveyed without any prompting from me.

It is crucial to understand that communication with the spirit realm differs from that of the physical world. I receive information from spirit based on my repertoire of experience, knowledge, interest and ability. Therefore, it's important for you to approach the reading with an open mind, being receptive to the evidence and information that is presented to you.

During your Mediumship Reading I request that you refrain from sharing any details, including specific individuals you would like to connect with in the spirit world. This allows for a more authentic and unbiased communication, ensuring that the messages received are genuine and untainted by prior knowledge.

If you happen to recognize a person during our reading who is still alive, there can be various reasons for this occurrence. It could be due to individuals being in a coma, near-death experiences, or living with conditions that restrict their physical communication and cognitive abilities.

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