Tarot Reading

Tarot is a deck of cards commonly used for divination, spiritual guidance, and self-reflection. The history of tarot can be traced back several centuries, and its exact origins remain a subject of debate.

As a Medium, I trust that your Spirit Guides are the ones responsible for selecting the cards that manifest during our session. My role is to utilize my intuition alongside the renowned Rider-Waite Deck to assist you in interpreting the mess
ages conveyed by your guides.

I cover your past, present, potential future, internal/external influences and more. I utilize a number of techniques to provide you with a detailed reading. My aim is to provide you with valuable insights, enhanced clarity, and a sense of empowerment regarding the specific situation you are currently encountering.

We all possess free will, and nothing is predetermined. Tarot provides insights into the energy surrounding a particular moment in time. It's essential to recognize that a single decision can completely alter your future. You have the power to shape your own destiny. While having knowledge of the future can be valuable, it is important to consider whether it aligns with your desires. By comprehending and addressing your past and present circumstances, you can gain a deeper understanding and actively manifest the future that truly resonates with your aspirations.
Schedule a reading with me using the scheduling platform below. If you cannot find a suitable time due to time-zone differences, kindly email me at contact@magicallittlenook.com. Alternatively, you can contact me via Facebook Messenger www.facebook.com/magicallittlenook.